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About the Show

Are you an online dater? If so, we want to hear about your most hilarious dating debacles. America’s Funniest Online Dates is the only place where you can share your funniest dating adventures.

Co-Host J.R. Hall found himself single after 20 years of marriage. His family and friends encouraged him to join online dating sites. It was a new world of dating rules, navigation, and deciphering clues. And so the joy ride began. Jerry’s dating stories range from the mundane to the downright bizarre.

Jerry “J.R.” Hall

America’s Funniest Online Dates co-host J.R. Hall studied law at Purdue University and graduated with honors. As a Certified Mediator, Jerry is dedicated to helping people settle conflicts to avoid lengthy and high court costs. As a volunteer, he has been the recipient of several community volunteer and charity fundraiser awards. Jerry is the proud father of two children. His daughter serves in the military and his son is a police officer. Jerry resides in the sunshine state of Florida.

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