Money and Change is a weekly radio show exclusively on that airs Sunday nights from 7 – 8pm. ET. Topics often include current national and world financial news, precious metals as a hedge against calamity, national and world financial news, financial and personal survival in tough times.  Other interesting topics including Stu’s own commentary and his monthly Wrinkle City Gazette humor magazine. He also posts information on his Money & Change / Financially Prepped Facebook page so his followers cage get several weekly updates.  Due to the limited time of the one hour show, we do not have guests, but may if given an extended format in the future.

About the Host

Stu Shear, the host of Money & Change, resides in Ohio and has been doing the show for over 8 years. His main desire is to use his knowledge and research ability to help people understand what is happening in the world of finance and help them cope and survive financial hardships. Stu is a humorist, a writer and a musician who likes to travel when time permits. Stu graduated from the  University of Findlay  (BA), Xavier University (Cincinnati) (MeD) and has taken additional studies at 6 other colleges and universities. He was an educator, a businessman, a business consultant and a deputy director for a state agency in Ohio. In retirement, he administers 4 websites, is active in several Masonic organizations and  is an active board member for several city commissions where he lives.

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