Don't Miss a Beat! Summer Listener Challenge 2022

Since the launch of the TRIM Radio Network on March 5, 2021 we have been blessed and excited about the growth, the shows, and our fans. But like anyone we want more.  We want you to tell your friends about TRIM Radio Network and your favorite shows on the network.  The contest will run June 14 – July 19 with new challenges, and ways to earn points in the leader point.

Are you a listener? If not, here’s why you should listen.

  • Original content with value
  • Valuable life-saving topics from experts
  • Hosts that dig deeper in search of the truth
  • Topics that touch the hearts of many through compassion, love, and respect
  • Age-old research brought to the forefront of the industry
  • Compassion, Community, and Support is the stations’ mission

Listener Challenges


Download the Android App (1 point) from the Google Play Store and share what you did on Facebook or Twitter by tagging @TRIMRadioNetwork (1 point) for one point in the contest.

Download the Android App


Join the TRIM Radio Network Email List (1 point) and ask your friends to join too (1 point).  @TRIMRadioNetwork for one point in the contest.

Join the TRIM Radio Network Perks Email List


Follow us on all our social networks. (1 point for each network)


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