Leslie Birkland, Ph.D.

Dr. Leslie Birkland earned her Ph.D. in Natural Health as well as Holistic Counseling. She is a Board-Certified member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. Her focus is on assisting individual to find their Joy. Dr. Leslie resides in Houston, Texas. | Email:

Nicholas Brighter

Nicholas Brighter is the founder of the Brighter Life Institute. He is a graduate of the Washington Institute of Technology and Lone Star College. As a Certified Mediator, Nick specializes in conflict resolution. Mr. Brighter is an expert on personal power clarity and the polarities between lower and higher vibrations. Nicholas is also a Lifestyle Photographer.

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Daughters of Dementia

Author of Daughters of Dementia

Leslie and Lindsey are sisters who felt compelled to share personal and revealing stories about their father as he fell deeper and deeper into the tragic memory robbing abyss called Dementia. The two sisters narrate their experiences born from different perspectives, but very much driven from the same heart.

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