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The Bend

The Bend Radio Show

with Rebecca ‘BEC’ Wanner

10am Eastern | 9am Central

Hear stories of how someone just like you pushed their limits and went outside (literally and figuratively) their comfort zone! Guests share their stories about success, failure, and the hobbies they have found just around The Bend! What have you found around The Bend?

The Spiritual Freedom Show

with Richard Lawrence

12pm Eastern | 11am Central

Do you want to know the purpose of life and why you are here; be at peace with your destiny; give powerful service to the world; discover the extraterrestrial message for these days; experience true spiritual freedom?

Amid numerous claims and counterclaims of contacts with angels, masters and extraterrestrial beings this is the podcast which will navigate you into the safe haven of Truth.

Red Pill Reality Show

with Riscalla

9:00pm Eastern | 8:00pm Central

A seeker of truth.  Riscalla brings you evidence of many conspiracy theories, related insights to all thing’s truth.  From 9/11 to famine, there are no things left unsaid or undiscovered.  He’ll even bring a real-world perspective of prepping and knowing what the future could look like.

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The Bend

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