The Positude Podcast

Positude Podcast

The Positude Podcast with Maggie Heart is a versatile, ever-changing show discussing healing, spirituality, enlightenment, political stories and insights, meditations, conspiracy theories and conspiracy realities, recipes, music, random comedy, and all sorts of information designed to uplift, to negate or come to grips with negativity, to share knowledge.

Lifewalk with Christ God

Lifewalk with Christ God Feature

Micheael Bahas, Hostmichael@trimradio.comCall In: (803) 200-2277 Linkedin Twitter Youtube Have you ever flipped through the Bible, curious but a little intimidated? You’re not alone! Join Michael Bahas, your average history buff with a thirst for knowledge, as he dives into the fascinating world of scripture on Lifewalk with Christ God. This show takes a fresh look at the Bible, offering weekly readings from the Bible. Michael isn’t a pastor, but he’s passionate about exploring the stories, characters, and historical context that make the Bible such a rich and complex text. Each episode features a clear reading of a passage, followed by Michael’s engaging commentary. Lifewalk with Christ God welcomes listeners of all backgrounds, whether you’re a seasoned believer, someone coming back to faith, or simply curious about this cornerstone of Western literature. Here, you can: Hear the Bible come alive with clear and engaging readings. Learn about the historical and cultural context of the passages. Explore different interpretations and perspectives on the text. Ask questions and share your thoughts in the dedicated listener forum. Lifewalk with Christ God is your gateway to a deeper understanding of the Bible, fostering open dialogue and personal exploration. So grab your headphones, crack open a Bible (or not!), and join Michael on this thought-provoking journey through scripture. Latest Episodes Show the Love through Merch Catch the Live Stream join the conversation via chat or call in each week Watch Live Become a Bullseye VIP

Take Point 22 Radio Show

Every other Tuesday night 8:00 join Michael Bahas and the Rapid Response Team for valuable information regarding Veteran’s  and first responders support with physical, emotional, and mental recovery.  Each week Bahas brings on experts and actual survivors to aide in support and inspiration for those who are in need at this moment.   The Rapid Response Team made up of 5 support members across the US are available to answer questions and guide anyone who needs local support for recovery of any kind.  The Rapid Response Team works with a variety of national agencies that can be of assistance for anything from substance abuse, homelessness, and emotional recovery.  Don’t be the next statistic, let the Take Point 22 Rapid Response Team assist you in a fulfilling life for years to come. God loves everyone and like God, we want to support you and lead you to a better decision.Don’t take your life or another, call the national prevention lines below  National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: Veterans Crisis LineHours: Available 24 hours. Languages: English, Spanish.800-273-8255 Press 1 Support the Show Every piece of merchandise funds the Take Point 22 Rapid Response Team, Take Point 22 Radio Show, and air time on Trim Radio Network.  Thank you for supporting the mission of Take Point 22.

Money and Change Radio Show

Money and Change is a weekly radio show exclusively on that airs Sunday nights from 7 – 8pm. ET. Topics often include current national and world financial news, precious metals as a hedge against calamity, national and world financial news, financial and personal survival in tough times.  Other interesting topics including Stu’s own commentary and his monthly Wrinkle City Gazette humor magazine. He also posts information on his Money & Change / Financially Prepped Facebook page so his followers cage get several weekly updates.  Due to the limited time of the one hour show, we do not have guests, but may if given an extended format in the future. About the Host Stu Shear, the host of Money & Change, resides in Ohio and has been doing the show for over 8 years. His main desire is to use his knowledge and research ability to help people understand what is happening in the world of finance and help them cope and survive financial hardships. Stu is a humorist, a writer and a musician who likes to travel when time permits. Stu graduated from the  University of Findlay  (BA), Xavier University (Cincinnati) (MeD) and has taken additional studies at 6 other colleges and universities. He was an educator, a businessman, a business consultant and a deputy director for a state agency in Ohio. In retirement, he administers 4 websites, is active in several Masonic organizations and  is an active board member for several city commissions where he lives. Support the Show

Red Pill Reality Show

The Red Pill Reality Show with Riscalla Follow Riscalla on social Facebook Youtube Linkedin Support the Show Listen All Past Archives Of The Show Red Pill Reality Show Rumble Page [embedyt][/embedyt]

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